1. As a suggestion, changes might actually a bit more obvious if you try the tea annually or every six months rather than two. Pu’erh ages slowly and while it might be counter-intuitive, changes may actually be more difficult to pick up on if they’re too small, and might be more obvious if you try it under longer increments.

    Same sort of concept as the myth/fable of the boiling frog.

    • Tristan Jordan

      Hey James, thanks for your comment! Its funny, Scott from Yunnan Sourcing said the same thing when I posted this to Facebook. I’m definitely going to follow this advice from both of you and change my plan to once every 6 months or so. I was being overly optimistic about the rate of change when I went about writing this originally lol. It’ll also be a good practice of patience to drink it less frequently and let it be. I’m just transitioning out of the new to tea phase into the store for the long term mentality. For this reason prior to this year most of my pu was being drunk within 1 year or purchase or so.

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