• Tristan Jordan

      I think the leaves look really nice too, I love the somewhat more oxidized leaves dispersed throughout the green ones 🙂 Very glad to have a chance to try this tea. I saw your blog, and like your write ups! If interested, it might be possible for me to mail a session or two of this tea your way. My friend who brought it back has another friend who lives in Nepal, and sells Nepalese goods and tea online. He has the Shiiba for sale on his site, so I’ll offer his link too in case it interests you! https://koratea.com/products/2017-himalayan-shiiba-autumn-flush-50g-hile

      My friend, his friend who owns Kora Tea, and one other friend of theirs bought the entire 2017 harvest of this tea at Jun Chiyabari this year.. It was a smaller harvest – the final weight was about 2.5 kilos of finished tea.

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