1. Why not name names, related to the source vendor? Any reason to protect the guilty? Even if the back-story turns out to just be hearsay if you don’t like the tea and seem to have clear, easy to communicate reasons for thinking it’s not good tea I don’t see a problem with sharing that part. I almost never pass on negative feedback about vendors myself, and I was burned by one in the last couple of months, so I suppose I’m not actually practicing what I’m talking about. I feel conflicted about that too, since it doesn’t seem right to only tell people happy stories about all going well and then not help protect someone else from going through the exact same thing.

    • Tristan Jordan

      Hello! In this particular case, the main reason I didn’t name names in terms of the source vendor was because they removed this tea from their website a long time ago. I agree with you that it doesn’t make sense to only tell people happy stories about all going well, because life just isn’t that way. That’s one reason I wrote the post about this experience with the Bulang. Now that I think about it, another reason I tend to avoid writing the name of vendors as well in the direct post is because I don’t want to come across as unduly praising or slandering any given vendor. I think this can also help keep my focus more on the teas rather than trying to choose favorites. Sometimes if I really enjoy a tea or think a vendor does a good job I’ll mention their name as a way of saying thanks. I suppose on the other end if a vendor double crossed me in a major way I’d say something, but I think that’d be formed in a letter to the vendor rather than an indirect blog post. One final thing I’ll say is that in the past there’s been a fair bit of controversy surrounding this vendor and some of their teas on reddit, steepster, teachat, etc. I think this might be another reason I didn’t outright mention their name. By this point I feel that a fair amount of people in the online tea community have already formed opinions on this vendor, and I didn’t want to unnecessarily rile people up 😉

    • Tristan Jordan

      P.S. Sorry if it took your comment a while to show up on my site. I have to manually approve comments so that spammers don’t show up on my posts, and sometimes it takes me a while to get back on my laptop after new comments are added.

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