1. Hi TristanJordan,

    First of all that was an very interesting article to read and I really like your style of writing, but it would be amazing if you could post a link to the tea you reviewed later on in the article.

    Have a nice cuppa

    • Tristan Jordan

      Hi there, thanks! I’ve been wondering if I should add links to the teas that I’ve been reviewing.. usually I’ve kept my posts link free but it seems very common for other tea blogs to link to the teas they’re drinking, so I guess I can too. This tea can be found here

  2. Yaphett Pruitt

    Good article. I have tried the many different styles of Chinese tea as well, puerh tea in particular. As much as I get into the raw puerhs and exotic heicha, I always return to this type that you talk about in this article. It is what started me in the tea World and remains my favorite. The dark, cooked puerh.

    • Tristan Jordan

      Thanks! I agree, it’s nice to have favorites to return to after adventuring out and trying other categories of tea. The dark pu’er is definitely a comfort tea for me. Hong cha is also, because it was the first category of Chinese tea I tried and enjoyed

  3. Gary Turner

    Wonderful review of the tea. You inspired me to dig my cake out of storage and give it a go. I, too, really enjoy this tea. Very full mouthed, and unique tasting tea. As you mentioned, this tea can be brewed with 10s steeps up to 20-30s steeps, depending on ones tastes, and still be good. I agree with you as well about some of these tea’s being great bargains and healthy to drink. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Tea on

    • Tristan Jordan

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked my review! I’m glad it inspired you to have a session with your cake in storage 🙂 I also like to keep my steeps for shou roughly within the times you mentioned. I think that if brewed for too long shou’s flavors can muddle together into something a little too rich.. so I like to keep the infusions shorter and see how the flavors change over a session

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